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What we do.


We love stories, data and evidence. We believe that for our clients to make change happen and have impact, they need to understand needs and the context they are operating in.


We can use a range of tools, techniques and frameworks to really understand the challenges faced by the people and purposes our clients exist for. This could include feasibility studies, mapping, needs assessments or practice reviews.

Image by SH Saw Myint
Image by UX Indonesia


We love a good plan.  We believe that a good plan increases the chances of positive change happening.


We can guide clients through participatory strategic reviews and processes to ensure that their social and environmental work can have more purpose and impact. 


We love looking at what change is happening. We believe in adopting a practical and no non-sense approach to help our clients make sure they are having a positive impact on the people or purposes they exist for.


We do this by working with clients to measure, monitor and evaluate how they are performing at the same time as understanding and improving the impact of the work they do.

Image by Claudio Schwarz
Image by Tim Mossholder


We love learning, developing new ideas and approaches. We believe that the right people in the right space develop the best new concepts and ideas.


We can help clients embed a culture of learning into teams and programmes. We want to become leading thinkers in our fields so that our clients and the people and purposes they exist for can benefit.


We love sharing and exchanging knowledge and experiences. We believe that knowledge is power and that sharing knowledge is even more powerful.

We can help clients design and facilitate spaces and  trainings for people to come together to share and learn from each other. We can also provide support to increase knowledge on topics ranging from youth participation to fair trial rights or restorative justice principles. We also have experience of designing toolkits, guides and manuals. 

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